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Welcome to Visual Radiance, which is about how the visualising of our ideas can be turned into various art forms, shining a light on what we wish to create. The website name, Visual Radiance, was chosen, firstly due to my interest in portraits i.e. visuals/faces/visages, but also to encompass all the imaginings that may lead to creative expressions in art.

I believe it is about finding our inner light of focus and enjoyment, which then helps us to connect our own radiant spark from creator into visualised, then realised art, allowing for all the flow that comes with that process. Do you enjoy art? Isn’t it a wonderful form of self expression and a help to finding your inner peace?

Why not take a look at my portfolio gallery of paintings and pictures, with various options to order for your needs.


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I first started enjoying art when very young, along with my brothers and sister. We used to just draw and copy anything we liked from other sources, like magazines, pictures, books etc., whatever worked.

We would spend hours, not fighting with each other, for once, but each quietly doing a drawing, in our own style, if they could truly be described as a style at that early age. It didn’t matter whether it was good or not. Just doing it together and enjoying the process is all that mattered.

The thing is, where art and creativity is concerned, it’s yours and can never be taken away from you. It is your way to express. A way to go inside yourself and be at peace. Practice, practice, practice – this was my way of escaping the not so good stressors of everyday life.

More recently, at age 63 no less, I have been introduced to three excellent tools of guidance: a free global art series on YouTube, by Graeme Stevenson (Colour in Your Life), where the host travels around the world meeting artists, excellent artists. These artists are willing to show what they do in a shared Art session, to allow you a glimpse into their world of amazing standards of creativity. You can even use the class to work from, or find whose style and visual images you really resonate with, then follow those if you desire.

The second one is by Kara Bullock Art, a series my friend has been continuing with, entitled: “Let’s Face It”, which can be found on Facebook. The latest release of the series is for 2018. The versions include all videos, materials recommended and instruction list in pdf format, which are downloadable to your computer. This allows you to work and complete the profile provided, at your own pace, with various teachers and styles to learn from, throughout the year. After watching my friend share what she did in one class, I decided to join. So far it is already amazing in standard and loving it! And lastly the third recommendation, with more free online classes available, is to check out the Intentional Creativity Foundation, with Shiloh Sophia and her Red Thread of connecting women around the world through art, poetry and much more. Enjoy your discoveries in Art, if you are new to it all.


Healing Art


Visual Radiance of Life and Art

I am interested in our changing paradigm, where we no longer have to do work for the sake of the money, to pay bills, but to find and fulfill our passions. We probably all have more than one. Having previously worked in the printing and typesetting industries, I learned to enjoy creating on pages for print, as per client requests. Through this career I learned to enjoy computers, typing, finished art, camera work for designs,  as well as some technical areas,  Creativity ability grew in various ways, typesetting, proofreading, and finished art. I enjoy having a go and with my art, even more so now than ever.

I enjoy sharing and belonging to a group of like-minded, positive individuals, who are connected to many great changes, in regards to our future on earth. These changes will allow us to follow our passion, for the pure love of it, without the pressure of whether you can afford it or for money sakes only. The changes also will be about feeding the poor, housing the homeless, growing organically, small scale and large scale for others, community sharing, mindfulness in relation to what we are doing to planet earth on all levels and how we can help ourselves by meditating regularly, so peace within, becomes peace without.

Pink Water Lily - Visual Image - Artistic

By loving what we do with a passion, we learn that It is no longer “work.”   It is one of the natural laws that can lead us to joyful awareness of who we are, empowered by our intuitive connection to Source, our Creator, where we can find all the answers within and enjoy the bliss state of knowing we are love, and part of source creation.

To learn more about natural law, I highly recommend you read a book titled ‘Law from Within’, by Kenneth E. Bartle to learn about your own power and how to harness it to the full, found on https://naturallawmatters.com/ website. Don’t wait any longer.

Art Techniques

    • Portraits – Individual (from quality Photos/Images provided by client)
    • Portraits – Pet (Single)
    • Paintings – Acrylic
    • Pastel Paintings
    • Watercolour Pencil Drawing/Paintings
    • Drawings – Pencil, Ink, Conte Crayons
    • Mixed Media Paintings
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